Advantages of catalog stands

The installation of catalog stands is a very effective means of improving the distribution rate of advertising media and the ability to attract customers to stores. You can store a wide variety of advertisements, including brand and business brochures, leaflets and leaflets, portfolios, magazines, newspapers, posters and free papers.

Therefore, we introduce four merits of the catalog stand this time.
We can use space effectively with low budget

The catalog stand performs well when you want to use the space effectively. Let’s store the documents cleanly. You can advertise at low cost without spending on labor and advertising. Recommended for those who run small shops.
People who are interested read a lot of information

There are many things that attract customers from the catalog stand. The paper media placed on the stand can be packed with a lot of information. You may also be able to check the details of the information, as interested people will pick up the paper.
There is no pressure like advertising distribution

People can achieve high advertising effects through distribution. However, there are times when it becomes a backseat and causes doubts to people who will become customers. With a catalog stand, you can distribute ads without pressure.
Nowadays with the heyday of the Internet, the unique appeal of paper

In the current advertising business, the Internet is attracting attention and is most used. It does not require a paper bill like a flyer and does not require a space. However, because a certain number of people can not access the Internet, advertising on the Internet is limited. With paper media, you can appeal your product to anyone who can not connect to the Internet. Information that is likely to be buried on the Internet can also be more visible in the case of paper advertisements.
Example of utilization place

·convenience store
・ Bookstore
·event venue
·Travel agency
·real-estate company
・ Mobile shop
·Department store
·Movie theater
・ Hotel
・ Beauty salon