Importance of translation quality

I think many people have been learning foreign languages through schooling and self-study. English that most people have learned. Introduce the importance of foreign languages.

Importance of Foreign Languages ​​in the Internet
・ The importance of inbound marketing by websites increases

Tokyo plans to hold the Olympic Games in 2020. Many foreign tourists are expected to visit Japan, which is a great business opportunity. Foreign tourists can expect to use the Internet when conducting a preliminary survey of Japan they visit. Not only foreigners visiting Japan but also people living in foreign countries may be interested in Japanese goods etc. by seeing the Olympics. In order to meet their needs, web pages need to be multilingual and make a saucer.
・ What language should I prepare?

As of the end of November 2015, the number one language user on the Internet was 8.73 billion in English and 704 million in second-ranked Chinese,
Spanish in third place is 2.57 billion, Arabic in fourth is 168 million, Portuguese in fifth is 132 million and Japanese in sixth is 115 million. In terms of proportions, English is 25%, Chinese is 20.9%, Spanish is 7.6%, Arabic is 5.0%, Portuguese is 3.9%, and Japanese is 3.4%.

As you can see from these numbers, the number of people used and the amount of information in English is overwhelming. In other words, by preparing an English page, you can handle many people. Chinese users are comprised of the population of China and Taiwan, the world’s largest population. Both countries are geographically close and many people will visit Japan.

Therefore, at least English, preferably Chinese, should be prepared.
・ Not by machine translation?

Let’s actually translate the machine. This time, it is a product introduction page of NutriBullet-Graphite of Yahoo uk.

【Original text】
The secret of the Nutri Bullet is its powerful 600 watt motor, combined with bullet cyclonic action,
that forces everything through the turbo extractors at an incredible 20,000 RPM, breaking down and pulverizing stems, seeds and skins where some of the usually neglected essential nutritions, giving you a fast and easy way to your five days.

【Machine translation】
The secret of NutriBullet is its powerful 600-watt motor, combined with a finely ground stalk bullet cyclone action, which destroys seeds and peels, forces everything through the turbo extraction blade at an incredible 20,000 rpm, Here are some of the essential nutritional lies that are usually ignored, giving you a quick and easy way to day your five.

[Actual meaning]
The secret of the New Triblet is a 600 watt motor. This motor rotates at high speed.
By holding down this rotation to 20,000 blades per minute, the roots, seeds and peels containing important nutrients that are likely to be discarded can be shattered. This allows you to consume more than 5 dishes (350 g) of vegetables and more than 200 g of fruits per day in a quick and easy way.

In the case of machine translation, it is difficult to read textually, and it can be understood that it is not at a level that can be used on the website of work or shop. Quality of translation is required to properly convey information about shops and companies. If you are not very confident in your language, we recommend that you ask a translation company. And if you want to create a multilingual site, we recommend that you use this company.
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