Advice for those who can not drink alcohol! How to deal with drinking parties

When I become a member of society, I think I will have more chances to drink alcohol. If you can not drink physically, I think the atmosphere you have to drink at the alcohol seat is hot. Learn more about why you can not drink, whether you can drink alcohol or not.


Reason why you can not drink alcohol
・ Constitution that ALDH is hard to work

When you drink, alcohol is sent to your liver. Alcohol is broken down by the liver into substances containing poisons called acetaldehyde. In addition, acetaldehyde is degraded by an enzyme called ALDH (Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase), but if it can not be resolved well, it causes symptoms of a hangover. People who can not drink alcohol are weak at ALDH. Half of the Japanese seem to be a type of person with weak work.
・ Physique

The blood alcohol concentration determines whether you get drunk or not. About 7% of weight is said to be blood, and the amount of blood changes with weight. The lighter the weight, the lower the blood volume and the higher the blood alcohol concentration. It is understandable that women who are lighter in weight than men are not as strong as alcohol.
To take care of

For those who can not drink, it is good to support the drinker. You can add to the atmosphere of people who are present by talking to drunken people or drinking non-alcoholic beer.
Correspondence to “What soft drinks are you drinking”

The first one is easy to draw attention to what you are drinking. When you have a toast, order a drink and put on a mouth or imitate it. As time goes on, what you are drinking too much becomes less important.