Introducing Hungarian, Serbian and Taiwanese cuisine!

Introduces dishes from around the world. This time, I will introduce some of the dishes I found to be particularly delicious among Hungarian, Serbian and Taiwanese dishes.
Hungary is said to be an Asian stone thrown by Europe, and it is the only Asian nation in Europe. The first thing I’d like to introduce is the typical Hungarian food “Guyash”. Hungary is the only country of Asian descent in Europe, and it is said that “the Asian stones thrown to Europe”. Consumption of paprika is the world’s largest country, and this paprika has become an essential ingredient for guashas.

Gujash is a stew of beef and plenty of vegetables. The sour taste is tomato sour and the paprika taste mentioned earlier is strong. In addition to this, the taste of beef that has been simmered until it breaks down is added, making it a solid and delicious taste. It is a dish that warms and heals the tired body, and when it is replaced with Japanese food, it is like a miso soup.

There are many Italian and French restaurants in Japan, but there aren’t many Hungarian restaurants, so I think there are many opportunities to taste Gujars. If you have a chance to go there, please try to find Guashas. If you eat in the center of the city, it will cost around 1600 Forints (667 yen), but in the outskirts of a little, you may be able to eat for about 700 Forints (291 yen) with dessert and bread at noon.
(※ The exchange rate for the Japanese yen is as of November 2015)


Country: Hungary (Magyarország)
Cuisine name: Gujas
Hungarian Name: Gulyás
Ingredients:-Paprika-Pork or chicken wings-Sour cream-Fragrant herbs-Onion-Petit tomato-Green pepper-White wine-Salt-Pepper

The next thing to introduce is Serbia’s “Mix Grill”. Serbia is geographically and culturally diverse, and for centuries it has been mixed ethnically, so you can enjoy a variety of dishes. You can also taste dishes from around the world, but it is best to eat local dishes. Grilled Serbian-style meat is a symbol of Serbian cuisine, and the most famous meat dish is Chebapuchi. The minced meat is chopped to the size of a finger, dipped in ice and then grilled, and chopped onion is completed. And this mix grill will be a menu that includes the following meat dishes on a large plate, including this Chebapuchi.

Prieska Cavize-Beef Burger
Uschtipzi … meat dumplings stuffed with cheese and smoked ham
Kobassice … Assorted sausages
Kurmenadre … pork chop
Raj Niche-Shishi Kebab
Gevrek … meat dumplings with donut shaped kaimak
Besharica … smoked meat shredded

Serbian cuisine, created from the melting pot of races and cultures, uses ingredients that are ubiquitous in Europe, but some dishes can not be eaten outside of Serbia. By all means, why not try to check the taste of the hometown?

Country name: Serbia (Република Србија)
Food Name: Mixed Meat (Mesano meso)
Ingredients: · Chicken · Sausage · Potato · Pork

kakukoku3Lastly, I will introduce you to Taiwan’s small package. Taiwan has a time difference of only one hour from Japan, it takes three to four hours by plane, and it has high prosperity, and Japanese can be used in some places, making it a pleasant tourist destination.

I think there are a variety of dishes that you want to eat in Taiwan, but I would recommend a small parcel package that is increasingly handled at home. There is a small package in Japan, but after all the taste of the home is exceptional. You can get a large size of meat at a reasonable price. In Japan, due to the freshness of meat, it seems that the original taste can not be reproduced. Please check the authentic taste.

Country: Taiwan
Name of dish: Small package
Ingredients: ・ Ground pork ・ Long green onion ・ garlic ・ ginger ・ Chinese soup ingredients
-Sesame oil-Water-Chicken broth-Gelatin

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