How to identify a house with earthquake resistance

In recent years, many large earthquakes have occurred. The 2011 Tohoku earthquake and the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake happened.As long as I live in Japan, it is not a strange situation no matter where and when. It is always important to respond as if earthquakes occur. Looking at the situation of the disaster in the video, there was also a house that has collapsed. In order to minimize such damage, it is important to choose a home that is as unbreakable as possible.

We suffer damage because house shakes by earthquake. However, you can not create a house that does not shake when an earthquake occurs. If the house can not bear the size of the shaking, it will move greatly.

“Structural design”

The closer the shape of the house is to a square, the stronger the house. The whole house can absorb and sway earthquakes. In a building with many irregularities, the shaking of the earthquake is not dispersed, and it gathers in one place. Recently, houses of various shapes have been created, but simple and square buildings are preferred as much as possible.


Let’s be careful about land that you just created and set up.
Originally, farmland such as swamp and rice field is characterized by weak ground.
The newly created land may have a mixed embankment.
In that case, the difference in the hardness of the ground is created by the ground and the newly added embankment. The difference may cause uneven settlement, and the building may be cracked or tilted because the way of shaking during earthquakes is different.

“Building time”

Let’s live in a house built after 1981.
It is because it is built by the building standard law called “new earthquake resistance standard”. In addition, although the price is set a little, it is recommended to select a house that meets the “long-term excellent housing” standard.
Tax benefits such as property taxes and real estate acquisition taxes, interest rates on mortgages, insurance premiums such as earthquake insurance, and other benefits are also available.