Let’s lay artificial grass in the garden of home

Artificial grass that shines on various sports grounds such as baseball fields, soccer fields and rugby fields. The low maintenance cost and the possibility of multipurpose specifications such as concerts have gradually spread as a foothold for introducing artificial turf at Korakuen Stadium in 1969.Many people think that artificial turf may be difficult in their home garden, but many people are actually introducing artificial turf. By putting artificial turf at home, you can achieve a comfortable life.

No need for garden maintenance

Managing natural grass is very difficult in hot summers and cold winters. If care is not taken for a while, insects will occur and weeds will grow. Among the insects, “mosquitoes” are particularly troublesome. In the case of artificial turf, on the other hand, there is no need for maintenance, and the appearance remains even after time. It does not die like natural turf. As the time for care is gone, you can spend time on social activities and doing household chores.

There is no maintenance cost

You can continue using it until the artificial turf’s life comes. It depends on how often you use it, but it is said that the service life is around 10 years. Of course, you do not need the necessary gardening tools, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. for natural turf.

Can be spread anywhere

It can also be laid on concrete and tiles. You can not lay in the shade because natural turf will wither, but artificial turf can also be put in the shade. It can also be used on verandas and indoor facilities.

I can maintain the landscape

You can keep the landscape year-round, regardless of the season. Green has various effects, such as healing the mind, body and eyes, relieving tension and relaxing. It is recommended for those who are busy everyday life.

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