Health effects hidden in a kiss

A kiss makes you feel mentally at ease, but this effect is not only an illusion, but scientifically proven.

1. Life span is extended

Those who do a lot of kisses are likely to extend their life expectancy by about 5 years. There are statistics that men who kiss before going to work in the morning live an average of 5 years longer than men who do not. By kissing, about 300 to 400 kinds of bacteria move in and out of each other’s mouth and complement each other’s immunity. Increased immunity lowers the rate of absenteeism and lowers the probability of encountering a traffic accident.
2. Analgesic effect of morphine 10 times

A single kiss is ten times more effective than morphine. This is a natural painkiller that comes with humans.
3. Calories are consumed

I use more than 30 muscles in one kiss. A passionate kiss seems to be an exercise that consumes calories. Just kissing for 3 minutes consumes about 15 kcal. This is as much calorie consumption as playing table tennis. In addition, it is said that catch ball is 10kcal in 3 minutes.
4. Small face effect

You can get a small face effect by kissing. Because you move the muscles of the face that is not used in everyday life, you can expect shape-up and face lift effects.
5. Stress reduction

When you kiss, the brain becomes an alpha wave. And the endorphins that give happiness and a sense of security are secreted and filled in the brain. This is the same effect as watching beautiful things, listening to soothing music, eating delicious things, or immersing yourself in something you like. It suppresses stress hormones that can cause frustration called cortisol.


キス 健康効果