Recommended language for future learning

The United Nations has 193 countries. As you can see from the number of countries, there are many languages in the world. It is said that there are about 5,000 words, but from this, I will introduce a recommended language to study from now on.

1 English

English is the royal road of foreign language learning. By the middle of the 20th century, England had many colonies, and the number of English speakers increased throughout the colony. English is spoken in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, etc., with the UK, the United States and other economic superpowers at the top.
Under the influence of these countries, English is used as a universal language around the world. The world population as of 2016 is said to be about 7 billion, of which one in four is an English speaker. One in four includes non-native numbers. If you can use English, you can get a lot of information in the world. The breadth of communication will also expand dramatically.

2 Chinese

There are approximately 1.2 billion people whose native language is Chinese. As a second language, 200 million people use it. In the native speaker group ranking, Chinese is the 1st. Chinese is the common language of the world spoken in Chinatown, the Internet and Southeast Asia. The regions we are talking about are China, Taiwan, Singapore, and countries that are economically closely related to Japan. Chinese demand is growing in the Japanese business world, as evidenced by the rapid increase in Chinese tourists in recent years. People who can speak English are increasing, but not many people can speak Chinese, and demand is high. By speaking English, Chinese, and Japanese, you will be able to communicate with a large number of people in the world.

3 French

It is the language spoken in many countries next to English. Used in 80 countries and regions. In addition to developed countries in Europe, such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, it is spoken in countries that were colonies of France and Belgium.
Therefore, it is spoken in both developed and developing countries, and there are great business opportunities. It is especially recommended if you are interested in French culture where wine and apparel are thriving. And, because French is close to English, it is easy to study. (To be precise, many French vocabulary are used in English)

4 Hindi

Indie is the language spoken in Fiji and the Republic of Fiji in the South Pacific. Demand is extremely high because there are fewer learners in Japan compared to the number of native speakers.