Golf’s charm and history

Returning to the official Olympic Games for the first time in 112 years, golf has gained increasing attention recently. It is enjoyed by people of all ages, from young people to elderly people.

With golf

It is one of the ball games. Hit the ball in the club and compete in a small hole called “Hole”.

The origin of golf is not clear. It is said that England, the Netherlands, and China. However, old-fashioned golf has developed in Scotland, England, and is considered to be in the present form. I think now you are familiar with golf terms such as “Strike” and “Par,” but at first there was no such idea. In the old days, a match play system was adopted in which the number of bats per hole was used to determine the outcome. Now, the default number of strokes is determined for all the holes, and the stroke-playing system is adopted in which the player with the least number of strokes is the winner. This method has the advantage of being easy to rank, even as the number of participants increases. In the 1880s, golf was just a Scottish sport until golf became popular in England. In the 1890s, more people in the United States enjoyed golf.
The attraction of golf

The attraction of golf is that it is possible to play in nature such as forests and mountains, and it is the best refreshment especially for office workers who work in the office. There are also attractions that other hobbies and sports can not taste, such as excursions to golf courses and enjoying meals there. It is also good to be able to play together regardless of age or gender.