Tourist destinations in the capital city of Austria

Vienna, the capital of Australia. It is also called the city of music. Many composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert were active in this area.
Many tourist attractions are concentrated around the royal palace in the center of Vienna, and you can walk around the main spots on foot.

1. Hofburg Royal Palace (Hofbrug)

This was the center of a large empire, ruled by Emperor Habsburg.
Construction of the royal palace began in the 13th century. Then it gradually expanded and became the current appearance in the early 20th century.
It is a palace where the emperors of successive generations have served and lived.
Currently, part of the building is open to the public.
You can tour the room where the historic emperor family lived as it was at that time.

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2. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The beautiful Gothic cathedral is a symbol of Austria.
The Viennese historical center, including the cathedral, is a World Heritage Site.
It is a temple that 3 million people visit a year, but seems to be loved by not only tourists but also locals for a long time.

In the underground tomb, there are the tombs of Duke Rudolf and the Habsburgs, and the coffins containing the royal houses,
The church is a place where you can feel the old history such as Mozart’s wedding and funeral.

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3. National Assembly Building

The building was built in the 19th century as the Reichstag of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
On the front are bronze statues such as Xenophone, Polybios, and this Diet architect, Theophile Hansen.

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